Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quito - Last day

Then it was our last day in Quito.
We started the day with breakfast in the hotel cafe  - then we were on exhibition of paintings and looked at pictures of local artists - maybe there is something to bring home.
Then we began to pack up and found that there was room for a little extra, so we went for a walk into town to buy some more Ecuador coffee and chocolate.  Walked down  Juan Leon Mera and also visited the local
 La Mariscal Craft Market (picture) to buy some local goods and walked around the city to get the last sentiment. See short video: Quito, Juan Leon Mera and La Mariscal District

Back at the hotel we packed suitcases ready - we struggled a bit to get the weight of the large kufferet less than 23 kg which is maximum weight  we succeeded, and then we went down to the hotel hacienda restaurant and got a steak and a glass of red wine for dinner.
When we first had to leave late in the evening we had extended the stay in our room for at late check-out at 8PM.

At 8:30PM we got a pick-up by Celebrity for a transfer to the airport - there was not as much traffic as we were there well before check-in opened.
Unfortunately check-in did an error on my boarding pass so we could not immediately come in the United lounge with my SAS gold card - finding an United employee who could understand English and would solve the problem was difficult - but we managed to get into the lounge.
Boarding the plane was to start at 00:20AM but at midnight we were called when one of our suitcases were taken to extra security check - so I had to go down to the plane to open the suitcase for inspection - a bit of a parody - in addition, I was also taken extra check of the carry-on luggage - so I have to admit that the 3 events not exactly helped on my mood - but finally at 1 AM we were in the air towards Huston in Texas and 24 hours later we were back in Copenhagen airport via Newark.